01 September 2014

Safer driving with new Navman GPS devices

We've all seen the TV and newspaper adverts about not using your phone while driving – a second of distraction can so easily lead to disaster.  But I think there’s something else that is almost as distracting – for me anyway – a GPS device.  

How much concentration does it take to follow a map on your GPS?  If you drive a larger vehicle or you normally wear glasses it’s even more difficult to see what’s on that small screen.  Thankfully, GPS screens are getting bigger.

Navman have just launched 5 inch and 7 inch models in their EZY range – with a simple layout that anyone can use easily.  

Both devices feature free lifetime map updates, including safety alerts, warnings about traffic congestion, speed limits, speed or safety cameras, school zones and accident blackspots.  They can even help you find the closes service station that serves your particular fuel type.

Both models are available now - the 5 inch model EZY255LMT is $169 and the 7 inch EZY270LMT is $279.

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