29 May 2014

My Favourite Apps

In my review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (here, if you missed it) I mention some of the apps I use to manage me, my family and my business.  I've received a few questions about these apps and so I thought it was a good time to tell you about my favourites.  I have all these apps on all my devices – my iPad, and two Android phones – and almost all of them either downloaded to my laptop, or accessible online from my laptop.


This has been the biggest time saver I have ever used. I use Pocket to store everything that I want to read later - email newsletters, web articles - anything.  Pocket gets rid of all the extraneous stuff and keeps only the text and pictures from the web article, making it really easy to read.  I can read them offline and add tags so I can search for the articles I need. Those that I want to keep I can send to Evernote.  Pocket is on all my devices so that no matter where I am when I find something I want to keep I can add it to pocket, and I’ve always got something to read.


Evernote is an amazing organising tool.  Similarly to Pocket, it can store articles and web clips and you can tag them to categorise them, but Evernote can do a lot more.  You can add notes via audio (record your voice), webcam, screenshots, and handwritten notes, and even email directly to Evernote; and each note can be formatted – with checklists, tables etc.  Create a filing system and folders within Evernote to organise your notes, and tags allow for cross-referencing across different categories.  Evernote also has a family of products to help you do even more with Evernote.  I use Skitch to add notes and marks to photos and screen shots (also great for PDFs).  I also have Penultimate on my iPad which I use with a stylus when I want to take notes by hand.  The pages of writing are automatically saved to Evernote.  Lots of other apps also work with Evernote – I’ve got the Chrome extension to easily add any web clipping to Evernote; the Outlook add-in to quickly send an email to Evernote; JotNot on my iPad which turns it into a scanner with the scanned document sent straight to Evernote. 


This is my list manager - all my to do lists; what needs to be done in my business; in my home, in my life - everything. Items in each list can be given a deadline, and each item can have its own sub-lists. I can quickly refer to what needs to be done on a particular day and even print off the list for the day if I need it. 


Bitly is one of many sites where you can shorten URLs.  But, by creating an account on Bitly, I’m able to use it for much more.  The URL of each of my blog posts is copied to Bitly where, not only is the URL shortened, I can view statistics for each URL, including how many clicks it has received. I also add notes to each entry with the date each time I share or tweet a particular post (great for reusing older posts).  On my laptop and the iPhone app on my iPad (there's no dedicated iPad app)


Trello is where I manage my projects. Each project has a board and within that board I can break down the project into different stages. Within each stage I add the tasks to be completed. Each task can be dragged into a different spot - so important when you suddenly realise you've missed a step. Trello is on my laptop, iPad and Samsung phone so I can work on a project at any time.


I use Mail Chimp to create and manage Techie Mum newsletters.  You can sign up to receive the newsletter from the blog or from my Facebook Page.  But there’s often situations where someone would like to sign up for my newsletter but there’s not computer available, or not the time. Chimpadeedoo is a simple app on my iPad and phones that presents a single screen where anyone can signup for my newsletter, regardless of whether there’s internet access.  It’s linked to my Mail Chimp account so that once my iPad or phones are able to connect to the internet the registrations are automatically added to my mailing list.  Chimpadeedoo is perfect for an exhibition where you could have an iPad on the table for anyone to signup to a newsletter or mailing list (as long as you had a lock on the iPad to prevent someone running off with it) – the app can be set to not go to sleep so it’s always visible.


Dropbox is my favourite for cloud storage.  Any files that I regularly need when I’m away from my computer are stored in Dropbox, and with Dropbox on my iPad and both phones I can access those files anywhere.  On my computer Dropbox appears as just another folder so it’s easy to drag a file to it when needed.  I have it set up so any photos I take on my phones or my iPad are automatically saved to Dropbox.  That means all my photos are accessible on every device and it sure makes it easy to transfer them into my photo filing system on my computer.  As I took screenshots on my iPad and phone for this post they were instantly available on my laptop to add as I was writing.


I use the Infinite app on my iPad when I’m planning a new training session.  It’s like a board with lots of different post-it notes.  I create a note for each topic I want to include in the training and then I can move them around on the board/screen to get the order right.

What apps are your favourites?  I would love to know what apps you use, so please leave me a comment below and let me know what you use and how


  1. I just started using Evernote last week and it has opened up my world. There are few others on this list I might have to check out.

  2. Relevant to business app is means to grow knowledge about your business.



  3. I'd like to add proofhub.com web based project management app in this list too. Has all the features that are required for project management. Check out

  4. Paprika is a fantastic recipe storing app that let's you easily copy recipes off the internet or store your own.

  5. Margaret Perusich2 June 2014 at 00:46

    I'll take a look at proofhub, thank you

  6. Margaret Perusich2 June 2014 at 00:48

    I started using Paprika a few months ago, and started adding my recipes to it, but then I forgot about it - thanks for the reminder to go back to it again.

  7. Margaret Perusich2 June 2014 at 00:50

    Evernote is fantastic - make sure you check if it works with other apps/online tools you're already using - especially the webclipper for your browser. I found that a lot of apps I used linked to Evernote.

  8. good idea, thanks.

  9. I do love Evernote but use it mainly for recipes. Have a bad habit of trying list apps but then not referring to them. So I use iCal for my 'to do' list by putting things in as Aall day, then can delete them or move them along.

  10. Margaret Perusich2 June 2014 at 14:35

    Hi Seana, I usually add recipes I find on the internet to Pocket first, then if they turn out OK (and the kids actually eat them) I'll add them to Evernote. I tried Evernote Food, but I prefer plain old Evernote. I like the idea of using iCal for your 'to dos' - I don't think I'd have enough room for all mine unfortunately!

  11. Margaret Perusich5 June 2014 at 01:35

    Sonia, Wunderlist is brilliant if you love lists, lists, sublists, and more lists! One of my main categories is Shopping, with separate lists for the shops I don't visit all the time. With it syncing to my phone I've always got my shopping list for Ikea, Spotlight and Warringah Mall with me in case I happen to get to those shops.

  12. dropbox is great for me, but also writepdf for pdfs editing

  13. Erin Cunningham7 June 2014 at 08:35

    How fab it Bitly... Must try Evernote sometime too.

  14. Margaret Perusich10 June 2014 at 13:46

    Give it a go - you won't look back, and there are more features and more apps they work with being added all the time to Evernote.

  15. Margaret Perusich10 June 2014 at 13:46

    I'll have a look at WritePDF, thanks for the tip

  16. Hi heard you this morning on 2GB what was the name for the card scanning app you mentioned

  17. Margaret Perusich19 June 2014 at 07:07

    The app is called Stocard, and it definitely saves a lot of space in your wallet. I reviewed it a few months ago, and you can read it here - http://www.techiemum.com/2014/02/app-review-stocard.html