17 December 2013

Turn your family into Lego minifigures

With the school holidays here I’ll be featuring some techie sites and apps to keep your children occupied and yet in the Christmas spirit over the next week. 

Today send them over to the US Lego site and have them turn your family into Lego minifigures!  It only takes a few minutes – actually it will probably take your children a bit longer; they’ll want to choose the ‘right’ outfit!

Click here to get started

1.  Add the members of your family, including pets
2.  Name and customise each – with different skin tones, facial expressions, hair and hats, and choose their outfit
3.  Choose your background
4.  Add your personalised message
5.  You can choose to hide your names if you prefer, and you don’t have to have a greeting.
6.  Download or email your minifigure picture, you can also create a link to it for sharing.

This would be great for your children to email Christmas greetings to their friends, or just for playing around creating pictures.

Here's our family

Have fun, and if you or your children do create a minifigure picture, link to it in a comment on the Techie Mum Facebook page.

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