24 December 2013

Track Santa on Christmas Eve

Since 1955 NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence) has tracked Santa’s route around the world – but it all started by mistake.  North American department store Sears advertised for kids to phone their Santa hotline on Christmas Eve to see where Santa was.  However, the phone number was printed with one incorrect number – and the kids phoned NORAD instead.  Luckily the Colonel on duty was a quick thinker and as the calls started coming in directed his staff to answer the calls with an update on Santa’s current position. 

Every year since NORAD has provided this service, although they have updated the technology from just answering phone calls, and in 1997 NORAD took advantage of the internet for the first time.  Now there are two main websites that can help you find out where Santa is – one based on Google Earth (which used to host NORAD), and NORAD’s own site.  These sites won’t become fully active until later on Christmas Eve, but they are each counting down now, so take a look, choose your favourite and have it book marked, ready for tonight.  Each site also has lots of activities and games, so click around all the images, and explore Santa's village.  

Click on the arrows to the right and left to move through the village, and click on the tear drop images to go to different games.

Click on the large arrows at the bottom right of the screen to visit Santa's village where you can play music and games and read all about Santa and Christmas traditions.

There is also the free NORAD Tracks Santa app for iOS and Android


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