03 December 2013

Send a letter to Santa

Do your children write a letter to Santa?  My boys started with writing a note that they gave to Santa when we had photos taken with Santa each year.  Then the shopping centre where we had the photos taken installed a big letter box behind Santa’s throne, so their letters were popped in there.  Two years ago the letter box disappeared, so that year they posted them in the real post box at the post office.  They got the surprise of their lives when they received a postcard back from Santa (lucky I’d put our return address on the back of their envelopes!)

If your children would like to send a letter to Santa there are a few websites that can help with this – especially now that Santa seems to be getting used to technology…..

A letter 4 Santa

A letter 4 Santa has a fill-in-the-box message that you can send to Santa and receive an immediate response.  This site also has Santa’s colouring book, Santa games, questions for Santa, and lots more fun for kids. 

Santa's Little Elves

At Santa’s Little Elves you can order a personalised letter from Santa to your child for $12 (includes postage within Australia) – final orders are taken on 8 December as the letters are posted on 10 December.  You can also order Santa’s official nice list certificates and you can customise with a special achievement or good deed when you order.  .50c from each letter goes to Cystic Fibrosis QLD.

Australia Post

Australia Post gives you two different ways to write to Santa.  First you can do it the traditional way – write a paper letter, address the envelope to Santa – North Pole 9999, add a 60c stamp - make sure your address is on the back - and post it at any street post box or post office in Australia.  In return your child will receive a post card from Santa.  If you visit the Australian Post website (link below) you’ll find eight different Christmas themed paper templates you can print out for your child to write on.

The slightly more techie method is to use Australia Post’s online interactive letter writing system – you get the same result except that you can type your message and select the stationery you want to use, and there are suggestions of what to write to Santa.  You just print it out at the end and address the envelope as normal.  The website also features puzzles, activities and online games.

Saint Nick

At Saint Nick you can create a fill-in-the-boxes online letter to Santa, including a list of what they would like for Christmas; and your child will receive a personal email back from Santa.  http://www.saintnick.org/html/letters.html

North Pole.com

North Pole.com is an entire Christmas experience where your child can select different buildings in the North Pole, and see what happens in that building - play some games in the elf’s clubhouse, view Mrs Claus’s cook book and recipes in the kitchen, play some music or check out the reviews of Christmas movies in Santa’s den, try some Christmas craft and educational activities in the Elf Pal Academy or head to the Mailroom to send a letter to Santa.  You could spend hours on this site.  http://www.northpole.com/mailroom/

Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole is a little different to the other sites.  Instead of receiving a written letter or email from Santa, you get a personalised video message instead.  You just select who Santa will be addressing (nice, naught/nice or naught child or adult), complete the profile of the recipient, including confirming the correct pronunciation of their name, and your message is created.  It’s free, although you can add premium features, like extra pictures and an extra long video from $3.99.  Create your account and once your video has been created you can access it on the site.  I’d suggest creating a test message first so you can check what the best entries/responses are going to be for your child’s message.   http://www.portablenorthpole.com/home

Let me know if you use any of these, or if you've tried any other sites.  

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