23 December 2013

Last minute techie christmas gift solutions

It’s two days until Christmas!  If you’re stuck for gift ideas, or you've just run out of time to shop, I have just the techie solution for you.

There are techie gift cards available for just about everyone.  You can choose a gift card that specifically suits the interests of the recipient – and you can find all these gift cards at most supermarkets, as well as some department stores, and specialist electronic and office supplies stores.

iTunes and Google Play cards

$20, $30 or $50
You’ll need to know whether your recipient has an Apple or Android device before you buy one of these cards.  They can be used to purchase anything (apps, music, movies, books) from the Apple App Store and iTunes, or from Google’s Play Store.
Perfect gift for:  Anyone

Facebook Cards

Use to purchase in-game/app content in participating Facebook games and apps
$15 or $25
Perfect gift for:  Anyone with a Facebook account

PlayStation Network Card

$20 or $70
Add credits to a PlayStation Network wallet, or purchase content on any PlayStation platform.
Perfect gift for:  Playstation players of any age


$15, $25, $50
Can be used to purchase content via Xbox 360 or Xbox One consoles.
Perfect gift for:  Any Xbox players

Nintendo eShop card

$15 or $30 cards can be used to top up Wii points, Nintendo DS points for Nintendo eShop accounts. 
Perfect gift for:  Any Nintendo players


If you choose to buy gift cards for a specific game you really should make sure that it is either a game they play in the case of a gift card that can be used for in-game purchases; or a game they don’t have but would like to play in the case of a gift card that is used for a game membership or download.

National Geographic Animal Jam

$15.95 for a three month membership
Perfect gift for:  Young children


League of Legends 

A $10 gift card gives 1380 Riot Points, or $25 for 3500 Riot Points
Perfect gift for:  older teenagers and young adults

Moshi Monsters

$6.95 for one month membership, or $24.95 for six months membership
Perfect gift for:  Young children


$25 or $40 gift cards can be used to pay for game membership, RuneCoin and Spin packages.
Perfect gift for:  Teenagers and young adults (minimum age 13)


Minecraft Gift Card

Allows you to buy the Minecraft software, and download by redeeming the code on the card
Perfect gift for:  from 7 up

Club Penguin 

For $34.95 you get a six month membership to this children’s’ favourite.
Perfect gift for:  Young children – up to 12

There’s one more option for last minute gifts – give them an app

You can buy an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch app from the App Store and send it as a gift. Open the App Store app on your own device; touch and locate the app you want to gift and tap it.  Next tap the Share button – that’s the box with an  arrow pointing upwards – then tap the Gift option.

Enter your friend’s email address, type a gift message, and select the day you want to send them the gift on. Tap the Next button and confirm your Apple ID password to buy the app.

Unfortunately you can’t gift an app through Google, so your best option for Google users is a Google Play gift card.

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