10 December 2013

Combat Creatures Toy Review

How would you like a giant spider crawling around your house shooting poisonous darts at anyone who got in its way?  OK, maybe not poisonous darts!  If your kids like Nerf gun battles they are going to love this new toy.

Combat Creatures Attacknids are the winner of the Australian Toy Association's Best Boys Toy of the year for 2013 and my sons were lucky enough to be given one to play with and try out.  

These remote controlled six-legged robot spiders stand 25 cm tall and are available in three different designs.  Each robot comes with its own weapon system and ammunition, but they are interchangeable between each.  The blue Stryder that my boys had comes with Snypa Dart Blasters (just like Nerf darts), while red Doom Razor and Attacknid have Dissector Disc Blasters.

When we first unpacked Stryder I was thinking – great, I’ll be the one controlling this thing, it’s going to take ages for the boys to figure it out!  I couldn't have been more wrong.  The control pad is very easy to use – especially if your child has used a game pad before. 

All we had to do to set it up after unpacking was to put its armour on the legs and attach the weapon system – a few quick clicks and it was done.  By the time I’d picked up the packaging the boys had it going.  First target was their father who was asleep on a lounge in the next room.  The boys had no trouble manoeuvring around furniture and other obstacles to position it for attack.  They were able to control the Combat Creature from quite a distance away so it could all be done out of sight.   Once in position the dart blaster was rotated and angled into position from the remote control, and then a press on the fire button started the darts firing.  The rain of darts on his head and body definitely woke their victim. 

The boys then decided they needed more room, so Stryder went out into the back yard.  No terrain is a problem, they had it moving easily on floor boards inside, wooden decking outside, concrete pavers, and dirt and grass.  The only time it struggled was up a hill in the back yard – but they just put it into reverse and tried a different route.  The battle of the backyard then commenced.  They took turns controlling Stryder, while the other attacked it with an array of Nerf guns.  The aim is to hit the Attacknid’s leg armour, which pops off easily when hit, or the Battle Brain target, and after three direct hits the Battle Brain shuts down – no arguments over whether it was hit or not.  The darts can shoot up to 10 metres, although they have more force if aimed at a target about five metres away.  My boys got so good at aiming that the trampoline became the fort to get away from Stryder’s attack.

If you had two Combat Creatures you could have a great battle attacking each other, but even with just one (and some Nerf guns) my sons had a great time.  For playing on their own, or as a target shooting competition there’s also a Battle Diorama that comes in the box with 5 targets. 

Each Combat Creature comes with colour co-ordinated leg armour and stickers that you can use to personalise your robot.  You can also buy extra ammunition so you never run out, and alternative ammunition if you feel like a change.

Best age for a Combat Creature?  From 6 years up - this is the kind of toy that any age will have fun with.  My sons' 30 year old cousin was very keen for a go too!

My sons’ verdict on Combat Creatures…

Aaron (12) – The Combat Creature is a lot of fun and very enjoyable.  It is great fun to play with and the controls are very simple to use.  Although it has its disadvantages: the controls may be easy but they can be a bit slow to react.  It is loud which can give away its location.  Also, it’s hard to shoot a moving object, such as a person.  It is more fun when you are shooting at the creature than when you are controlling it.  Though, overall, it is a very fun toy and even with its price it is a great experience to play, to have fun with and can be a toy that you enjoy for a long time.

Danny (9) – It’s very fun to play with.  I couldn't coax any more details than that – except that he wants one for Christmas!

Combat Creatures are available now in most toy stores and I've seen them on special in some – Target had them at $99 last week - normally $139.    Don’t forget to buy batteries too – 4 x AAs for the Combat Creature, and 2 x AAs for the remote control.

Take a look at the our short video in the backyard here and the Combat Creatures video here

Disclosure:  I was sent a Combat Creature for my sons to play with and review.  All views stated are my own and my sons.  

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