31 December 2013

Apple's App of the Year 2013 - Wunderlist

My favourite to do list organiser - Wunderlist - has just been awarded Apple's App of the Year for 2013!

If one of your resolutions for 2014 is to get organised you need to get Wunderlist.  I have it syncing across my PC, iPad and two Android phones.  I have lists for what needs doing around the home, a list for Techie Mum, lists for Family, School and more.  Each list can have sublists within it too - for example, my Shopping list has sublists for the shops that I don't visit every week (Bunnings, Ikea etc), so when I do get there I know exactly what I have to get.  I can add notes and checklists to the individual items on a list; and deadlines and reminders, which means I can then sort them with one click on Today or Week. 

I've written about Wunderlist before and all it's cool features - you can read that here 

If you haven't tried Wunderlist you really are missing something great https://www.wunderlist.com/en/


  1. I love Wunderlist. Wunderlist + Bitrix24 = best free productivity combo on Earth

    1. I hadn't seen Bitrix24 before, off to take a look - thanks