15 October 2013

MORNING - My new favourite app

This is my new favourite app!  I started using it a few weeks ago, and I wouldn’t know what to do without it now.

Morning is an iPad app aimed at getting you organised by showing you everything you need to start the day in the one place - your appointments for the day; your to dos; the weather, so you know what to wear; how long it's going to take you to get to work; the latest news headlines, and more.

For an app with just a single screen it sure does a lot.  Morning has six customisable panels and you choose what will appear in each panel from eight options. 

If you choose Events for one of your panels, Morning will link into your calendar/s (you choose which calendars) and display your appointments for the day, and birthdays too if you have them appearing on your calendar. 

If you choose Reminders for a panel, Morning links to Tasks and Reminders and displays those for you.  You can tick off your tasks as you go and it syncs back to your Tasks and Reminders on your iPad.  You can also choose to only show the current day’s reminders if you prefer.

Your other panel options are:

Time/Date – choose normal or 24 hour time, show the year, and seconds too

Weather – just select Auto Location and you’ll see the weather forecast for your local area

News – you choose the source/s (newspaper website or online news site) – as long as the site has a news feed you can select it.  You’ll see an updating feed of current news stories with a link to the site if you want to read more.

Countdown – I've used it for counting down to a big job, but currently it’s counting down to Christmas

Stocks – keep track of your investments

Commute – map your normal route to work and you’ll be notified of any traffic hold ups and how long it will take you

You're not stuck with the arrangement of tiles; you can't actually move them around, but you can change what each one displays.  If you'd like to change a tile, just tap the tile to display the settings buttons, change the type of tile then add the settings for that tile.

You also have a choice of five colour schemes – blue, green, hot pink, orange and purple. 

Morning is available through the App Store for $2.99.  Let me know which panels you use if you use Morning or if you decide to give it a try.


  1. I have recently downloaded this app. It's a cool app and I love it.