10 October 2013

Make your old Facebook posts private

It’s time to check your Facebook privacy settings again!  Facebook have expanded Graph Search to allow users to search all public status updates, photo captions, and comments.  Previously, Graph Search only allowed users to search for people, places, photos, and interests.  

Here's something else scary - if you've been tagged in posts or photos on your Timeline they will appear if someone searches for your name.  This is because at the same time Facebook enables Graph Search to search your posts, it has also removed the privacy setting that lets you control Who can look up your Timeline by name.  Won't this all be useful for prospective employers to check what job applicants have been up to??!!

Graph Search can only search your PUBLIC posts so if your privacy settings are at Friends or better then you should be OK.  

What about your old posts?  When you first open a Facebook account your posts are all Public, so how long after you started on Facebook did you change your privacy settings? 

You can protect your old posts very simply:

1.  Click on the gear icon at the top right of your Facebook screen
2.  Select Privacy Settings  
3.  In the Who can see my stuff section, find Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public?
4.  Click on Limit Past Posts
5.  When you click on Limit Old Posts, the privacy settings for any old posts that were set as friends of friends or Public will be changed to Friends.

6.  Close

Then you’re done – all your old posts will no longer appear in Facebook’s Graph Search. 

This new feature of Graph Search is slowly being rolled out, but even if you don't have access yet, those who do can still search your posts.


  1. Facebook privacy became worse after its new updates. I prefer the old security setting than the new. Thank you for the awareness post.

    1. Thanks, I just wish they'd stop changing everything so often!