29 October 2013

App review: Eggy Alphabet

If you've been following Techie Mum for a while you’ll know that I love the apps from ABC Reading Eggs.  They were the first I installed when I bought my iPad, and they are still my favourites for extra homework for my youngest son (and his favourites too!).

ABC Reading Eggs has different apps for pre-schoolers through to older kids.  Today I’d like to introduce you to one for the younger kids, 3 and up – especially pre-schoolers and those just starting school.


Eggy Alphabet teaches your child to identify the letters of the alphabet and write them in both upper and lower case, while developing phonemic awareness and letter sound recognition – just what’s needed for early reading success.

This is all done in a fun way with gorgeous colourful animations, 18 cute Egg Critters to unlock and hatch, fun sound effects and music and Golden Egg rewards to keep them motivated.  There are four main alphabet games, with a total of 208 activities, plus The Letter Game.

Eggy Alphabet is suitable for 3 years and up, with three difficulty levels.  You can set up multiple accounts so that more than one child can use it, and you can track each child’s individual progress.  There’s also a choice of accents – Australian, English and US.

Eggy Alphabet is available for iPhone, iPad and Android for $2.99.


For one week only (until 4 November) 

Eggy Alphabet is FREE

For iPhone and iPad you can download from iTunes here.
For Android you can download from Google Play here.

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