19 September 2013

Video messaging with Skype

Did you know you can use Skype to create a video message to send to your Skype contacts?  It's much more fun and more personal than sending a voicemail message or an SMS.   Gather the family around your webcam and you can all get in on the recording.   

A video message is perfect for sending a birthday or Christmas message to a friend on the other side of the world – they don’t even have to be online or available when you send your message.  The message will be waiting for them the next time they open Skype.  

Just click on the plus arrow in a contact’s chat window, and select ‘Send video message…’ then follow the onscreen instructions.  Don’t worry if you stuff it up, you can record your message as many times as you need until you get it right.

If you don’t see this option on your Skype screen it just means you don't have the latest version of Skype.  Just go to www.skype.com and download the latest version.

Free unlimited video messaging is also available on the Skype app for iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry, and just last week for Windows Phones.

Here's how to send a video message on your phone

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