24 September 2013

Techie organising with everyday items

It amazes me how inventive some people can be when they need to fix something or solve a problem.  Take a look at these brilliant ideas using everyday objects to solve techie problems.

Use a pen spring to protect charger cables

Over time, charger cables start to fray or detach with continuous usage, especially at the connector’s end. One way to keep that from happening is to use the spring from a pen. Coil it around your cable and slide it up to the point of your connector. That part will stay firm and your cables will last longer.  (I wish I’d know that one before my mouse cable snapped off from its connector!)

Use bread tags as cord holders

The next time you buy bread, don’t throw away the tab. Use it to label your cables.

Empty toilet paper rolls as cord holders

Packing a coiled up cord into a roll can not only keep it from unravelling, but also help you label it by writing what it’s for on the roll with a marker pen.  

They don’t  have to look like toilet rolls – cover them with leftover gift wrap or fabric.

More cable organisation – this time with Washi tape

Pump up the volume by placing your iPhone / iPod in a bowl 

the concave shape amplifies the music

Keep cords from getting tangled in your bag by keeping them in an eyeglasses case

You’ll find all these ideas and more on my Techie Organising board on Pinterest.

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