02 September 2013

SmartOne charger

On the weekend I travelled to Melbourne for my nephew's 21st Birthday party.  I thought I'd take advantage of the travelling time to get some work done.  The trouble was, I was only taking carry-on luggage - so no laptop bag.  This was the perfect opportunity to see if my iPad could place my laptop (I'll save that for another blog post).

The big problem is that my sister is currently renovating her home and surviving with one power board providing electricity to almost the entire house.  For me, this meant nowhere to charge my devices, except at a rare moment when there was a spare spot on the power board.  And I did have a few devices with me - iPad, Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, two phones (work and personal) and a camera.  There is no way my phones could last the entire weekend without charging – and I was expecting to take quite a few photos.

Just last week I found a solution - I took one other device with me - A SmartOne charger.

This little device can fully charge all my devices without the need for a power point.  All you have to do is charge up the SmartOne (it takes about 3 hours to fully charge via any USB port) and when you need to charge one of your devices just connect it to your SmartOne via one of the connectors that come with it.  You don't have to carry a lot of cables if you have multiple devices either - all the connectors you’ll need are cleverly attached to each other.  The multi-plug connector includes iPhone 4, Micro USB, Mini USB and standard USB along with an iPhone 5 adapter.  So you can charge most smart phones and tablets, digital cameras, video cameras, iPods, and more. 

My SmartOne ended up getting more use on the weekend than I had planned.  First, I used it to charge my Bluetooth iPad keyboard (I actually forgot that it requires charging - not sure where I thought it got its power from!); then my sister couldn't find her iPad charger so my SmartOne gave it a power topup; one of my phones; and my camera after I decided to video the speeches at the party.  

You can use the SmartOne over and over again – just charge it up and it’s ready to go again.  Another thing I love is that while your device is charging you are not attached to a power point.  SmartOne comes in seven colours - blue, magenta, black, white, green, yellow and pink.  It is very lightweight and small so you can easily pop it in your handbag and you’ll never get caught with a flat battery again. 

SmartOne is from Smarter Charger, a 100% Australian company, based in Adelaide.  You can buy SmartOne online for just $29.95 at www.smartercharger.com.au

Now that I'm home again my SmartOne will be living in my handbag, for whenever I forget to charge my phone - which is far too often.  


Would you like a SmartOne?  I have one to give away.  All you have to do is leave me a comment below on this blog telling me of the worst situation you've been in resulting from having no charge in one of your techie devices.

Disclosure:  Smarter Charger provided me with one SmartOne that I could trial and review, and one as a giveaway for my readers.   I will never promote a product on Techie Mum that I don’t really like.

Giveaway Terms & Conditions

  •  This competition is a game of skill.
  • Submit your entry in a comment at the bottom of this post.  You don’t need a Blogger account.  Just sign in as anonymous and leave your email address.
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  •  This competition is open to Australian Residents only.  
  • The competition is open for one week – from 2 September 2013 to Monday 9 September 2013. 
  •  The winner will be announced on Wednesday 11 September on the Techie Mum blog, Facebook page, and Twitter. 
  • The winner will be contacted via the email address provided.  The winner has four days to reply; otherwise the prize will be redrawn.

This giveaway is now over.  Congratulations to Tracy Heffernan.


  1. I was out and about looking at rentals when my iPhone 4s was going flat. I was expecting several Real Estate agents to ring, my daughter was having a long text dialogue with me and it was where she needed me to respond (so I could support her). My son needed money from an account I manage for him. My mum's husband was in hospital and she was texting. My sister was texting about a family event we were organising and we needed to finalise things. I knew I wouldn't be home until early evening. I had two missed calls that were really important. I was in a dither trying to prioritise what to do first before it completely died on me.

    1. What a day for you - I don't know how you managed to keep track of them all!

  2. I am FOREVER in trouble from my other half for not charging my phone (or not taking it with me). I'm pretty sure this device was made with me in mind. Sadly almost every time he chooses to call me my battery dies mid call and we only get half a conversation. And then when we see each other I have to endure being lectured about battery life!!! *rolls eyes*

    1. Don't you hate that - like they're perfect? I know exactly what you mean!

  3. As a large family of 8 in the house someone is always looking for a charger to charge one thing or another. Whether it the iPad, iPhone or my Galaxy S3.. there never seems to be enough chargers or someone has lost theirs or left it at school.
    The kids are terrible for not having their phones charged so if I need to contact them in a hurry I have to pray that they are charged up & contactable!

    1. I'm convinced there should only be one type of charger for every device so it doesn't matter which one you use. My eldest son got his first phone this year and whenever I check it it is always flat.

  4. We were doing the video at a friends wedding, we got the whole ceremony, but ran out of charge half way through the speeches. I appologised, but apparently videoing her wedding for free and running out of charge was a huge no no, as she hasn't spoken to me since!

    Kim galwayst@hotmail.com

  5. Oh this looks very handy! We got caught out with a huge power black out in a day when I had decided to run the batteries down on the iPad and phone etc to do a full recharge from scratch. It would have been handy to help calm the children down by distracting them with iPad games

    1. I realised I hadn't left my email, it is DeclutterbugVSCS@gmail.com

    2. Just like it raining as soon as you water the garden - I wonder if there would still have been a blackout if you hadn't run them down? That's the kind of them that always happens to me!

  6. I went away for the weekend with Mum. My phone died on the first night and my car charger was not working. When I go home late Sunday night my husband greeted me at the door with "Did your phone die". I replied "yes". He then replied with "You could of told me, I've been trying to ring you!". Exactly how I could of told him my phone was dead is beyond me!

  7. What a fab idea. I work for a not for profit company and am often out for the day at Expos promoting our organisation and it's message. Needless to say we often don't have access to a powerpoint and nearly always run out of power for the iPhone....which is like having your left arm cut off in this day and age!!!

  8. I have many situations but the worst one is that one time when I lost a job opportunity because my phone ran out of battery during a phone interview. I was out and about at that time so I couldn't call them back immediately. It was a job that I really wanted. :( Now I carry two phones when I am travelling, just so I could use the spare one when my main one dies. But with SmartOne smart charger, I won't need to anymore! EXCITING!!

    email: isabel.nyo@facebook.com

    1. What bad luck! I even bought a second phone (only a cheap one) when I bought my first mobile phone - just so I could have a spare battery in my bag in case the other went flat - which it often did.

  9. I sold my friend's rather expensive amp on eBay on her behalf. The buyer and I arranged to meet in town the next day to hand it over. His last email said he would transfer the money via PayPal in the morning before he left home. Well, I had further to travel so I rushed out the door early without checking if the payment had come through - not to worry I thought, I will just check my account on my phone when I get to the meeting place. Halfway there my phone started that tell-tale slow 'meep meep' to let me know it was running out of charge. It's ok I thought, I'll make it. By the time I pulled off the highway it was flat. He was such a nice chap 'oh yes, I paid' he said. I handed it over with my heart thumping - I had either just done my friend a huge favour or lost her $600. I was meeting people for lunch; 'may I borrow your phone?' 'sure!' .... and my forgotten passwords are saved on MY phone.... that was a long drive home before I could check on my computer. Yes, he had paid, told you he was nice! But I will never forget that sinking feeling and I vowed to never let my phone go flat again!


    1. You must have felt sick all day - you were so lucky he was nice!

  10. My iPad with it's Google Maps was our GPS in an English hire car that came without a directory. A flat iPad equalled lost on the back roads numerous times, no internet, no Skype, no hotel address.
    It was a sad, tiring reminder about all your eggs...


    1. I like that idea - much better screen size than a GPS too. But not without the battery charge - what bad luck.

  11. For this single rural Mum of three; life is always on the run. With great distances to travel and too much to attend to whilst 'in town' my technological devices and me are always out of charge so easily. taddros@yahoo.com.au

    1. I know just what you mean about being 'out of charge' - and I don't mean my phone!

  12. My son broke his arm and we were sent to 3 different hospitals (waiting at each one), then off for xrays and back to hospital. This 15hr ordeal meant my phone went completely flat...I had my three other children scattered being looked after by others (not realising we would take 15hrs long) and a hubby who had just completed a half iron man triathlon....without my charged phone I was completely uncontactable, causing stress and anxiety for many people - probably one of the most stressful times having a phone with no battery life left.

    1. You must have felt like you were the one who had completed the triathlon after that experience!

  13. Let me preface this incredibly embarrassing story by saying I get anxiety under pressure.

    My SO and I were going on vacation and had a flight in the afternoon, and in the morning I was running around town doing various last minute jobs (dropping off dog at day care , cushion for plane, etc). I was very aware of the time... I would keep checking it and think, 'okay, it's 11:15am now, which means I have 45 minutes to finish up then 30 minutes to get home and then 20 minutes to put the bags in the car then 50 minutes to drive to the airport' and things like that.

    I was in the city, buying various things. It wasn't happening as fast as I had expected and I began getting a bit anxious.

    Then I got really stressed.

    Then my stomach started to hurt.

    Then I shit myself.

    Yes, you read that right. My anxiety had become so bad I had diarrhea on the middle of the footpath. I stood there frozen. I had no idea what to do! Then, awkwardly cupping the back of my pants to try and prevent... stuff... squelching down the legs of my pants, I waddled over to a McDonald's a block away since I knew they'd have an easy to find bathroom. Ignoring the snickering and the stares, I walked all the way through the restaurant to the bathroom and wiped myself up a bit.

    Feeling quite teary (as one does when they poop themselves in public), I got out my phone to get a lift home. Only to discover, to my horror, that my phone was out of charge! I'd forgotten, too busy packing for the trip. I was far too distressed to drive, so I had to take public transport home.

    It was eleven stops to my house. 29 mortifying minutes of people walking into the carriage and gagging at the smell, or laughing.

    And that is why I always try to remember to charge my phone.

  14. After a week of calling and dodging from their end, I was finally able to snag an interview for my story. They asked me to come in that day to do a half-hour interview. I had left my voice recorder at home thinking that my calls to them wouldn't get me anywhere so I decided to use my phone to record our conversation. After a very tiring interview I thanked them and headed back home. Got my phone out to ring my editor to let her know I'd asked all the questioned I needed to when to my absolute horror I saw that my phone was dead. DEAD!!! It'd died after 2 minutes cutting out the remaining 28 minutes! :(

  15. My iPhone is the greatest thing- when it's battery isn't flat!
    But often I run out of charge,
    Nothing funny about that.

    One day not so long ago,
    I went to work for the day.
    I left my son at daycare,
    To run and jump and play!

    When I went and picked him up,
    At the end of the long day,
    They said he hadn't been well,
    And had tried to call to say.

    I took him to the car,
    And checked my phone right then.
    To my absolute disgrace,
    It was flat once again.

    The mother guilt hit straight away,
    What a silly thing was done.
    To run out of charge,
    Really is not fun!