23 September 2013

Send your email back in time

Why send the same old boring email when you can make it something really different?

If you only have a short message to send, or it’s a special occasion, go retro and let the Mailroom app turn your normal email into something that will really stand out. 

The Mailroom App has 21 retro-inspired templates – you just select the one you want, type your message, then send via your normal email account.  It links to your Contacts so there’s no need to look up email addresses.

Your message is sent as an attachment, and if you choose one of the more detailed templates you will have the option of reducing the size of your image so that your message isn't too large – don’t go for small (it’s too small to read clearly).  A hint:  If the size selection screen doesn't appear when you send your Mailroom message then you know it’s going to be full size.  If you don’t want your message to be too large and especially if you know your recipient is going to view the message on their computer, choose a less detailed image so that it will appear full size when it’s opened. 

Available from the App Store for $1.99 – under iPhone apps (although I use it on my iPad)

The Mailroom App is from Cartolina, who also make the beautiful Cartolina App – read my review of Cartolina App here.

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