27 August 2013

New Facebook feature - shared photo albums

Yesterday Facebook announced a new feature – the ability for multiple Facebook users to upload photos to the same Facebook album. 

Currently only the Facebook user who creates a photo album can upload photos to that album.

With shared albums, if you create a photo album on Facebook you will be able to add contributors who will also be able to upload photos to that same album.  You can add up to 50 contributors for each album and each contributor will be able to share up to 200 photos each. 

Image courtesy of Mashable

You will still have privacy settings for your shared albums, with the options of Public, Friends of Contributors, or Contributors only.  The album creator will be able to delete and modify photos, and contributors can edit the photos they upload.

I can see this feature being useful for families, where all family members can add photos to a combined album, but with the privacy settings at Contributors only. 

Facebook groups could also create shared albums, where the members of that group could contribute their photos – especially useful for say, a hobby or crafting group; or groups that hold regular events so that it’s not just the Facebook Group administrators who can add photos. 

You might have to wait a while before you see this feature on your profile.  Facebook started rolling it out yesterday to a small group of users before its worldwide release.  

Will you use this new feature?


Some more information on this feature:  I recommend you read this post from Leonie Smith - The Cyber Safety Lady.  There are definitely some privacy issues with this new feature, and Leonie has a better/more private way that families can share their photos on Facebook.


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    1. Hi Tammy, I've just added a link at the bottom of the post about a safer way for families to share their photos on Facebook - you might be interested.

  2. You can add up to 50 contributors for each album and each contributor will be able to share up to 200 photos each. buy facebook photo likes