20 August 2013

Look what I got in the mail - Personal Planner

Whilst so much of my life is assisted by technology, one area where I've gone the other way is with my diary.  I do have my appointments in Outlook syncing to my phone and iPad, but I've always loved being able to open a diary and see exactly what’s happening and what needs to be done. 

In my attempt to create some balance between my crazy blogging and working life and my personal life, I decided that I would try keeping track of work in a separate diary, so that I wasn't always reminded of it every time I opened my personal organiser.

I've always been a Filofax/organiser-type person, and I still love them, but I needed to find something different – something that would exactly suit my working life.  My search ended when I discovered Personal Planner.

Look what I received in the mail yesterday!  My gorgeous new planner.

What I absolutely love about this planner is that I designed it to fit my life.  I chose a large size that I could leave open on my desk to keep track of what’s on – although there are three other sizes to choose from.

I could then add my own cover picture – or choose one of their great designs; and what wording I wanted on the front.  It was a toss-up whether to go with Techie Mum or my business name – as I am going to use this planner for both.  Techie Mum won this time.

When it came to choosing what went inside, I love that I was able to customise it to suit me.  I like seeing my day broken into hours, but I could have just had a blank writing space for each day.  

There are four spots at the bottom of each double page where you choose what goes there.  I added a To Do list, an Idea of the week box, a notes area, and, my favourite – Training.  The training box is actually meant for workouts, but I'm going to use it to list the computer training I have on each week.  

There are lots more options, and you can even have all your family’s birthdays and special events added to your planner, so you don’t have to write them in.

Even though it’s August, I didn't want to wait until next year to start my new ‘organised’ work life – Personal Planner even lets you choose the month you start at. 

Once you've ordered online it takes about three weeks for your planner to arrive.  My planner cost $45 including postage, and I think it was well worth it.  Pop over to Personal Planner and take a look.

Disclaimer:  I paid for my planner myself; I've decided to review it here for you because I just love this product!


  1. I love reviews of products that are paid for! And this looks like a great product :)

    1. Thanks Victoria, I figure if a product is one you choose yourself it's going to be an honest unbiased review. It really is a gorgeous planner - I'm ordering a few as Christmas presents.