21 August 2013

Disney Infinity

Have your children started pestering you about Disney Infinity yet?  It’s the latest game for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU and Nintendo 3DS and it’s being released tomorrow in Australia.  

The ads have started on TV and all the major retailers have specials on from Thursday. 

It has figures, similar idea to Skylanders, and two different ways of playing - you can play with your favourite Disney characters in their movie; or play with different characters together, not restricted to their own movies.  The reviews I've been reading are all great and the links to my favourites are below. 

First, take a look at the trailer: 

Disney Infinity review from IGN

Disney Infinity review from Mashable

Disney Infinity review from Press Start Gaming Australia

Disney Infinity official product guide

Of the major retailers, BigW has the best prices, and you can also laybye until Christmas.  You can view the products BigW has here.  This shows you the normal prices - they are all on special from Thursday.

I think Disney Infinity will be on Santa's list for my boys this Christmas.

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