30 July 2013

Techie Mum on Twitter

Thanks to Tweinds 

I must admit I've been putting off using Twitter.  I love Facebook and Pinterest, and I did set up a Techie Mum account on Twitter some time ago, but I just didn't use it.  However, one of the courses I'm teaching in a few weeks includes introducing my students to social media, so I can’t really leave Twitter out.  The best way to make sure I'm up to date with it for my students is to bite the bullet and start using Twitter.

So, Techie Mum is now actively on Twitter at @TechieMum.   

If you haven’t use Twitter before or you’re like me and need a refresher I've found some great resources that should help with any questions you have:

This is my favourite beginners guide which will take you through from first setting up your account:  Twitter forBeginners     

Joe Brockmeier’s  A Beginner’s Guide toTwitter is great for deciphering Twitter-speak

You can view the full-size version of this infographic here     

I hope to see you over on Twitter soon

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