06 February 2013

Safer Internet Day

Yesterday, worldwide, was Safer Internet Day, and in schools around Australia there are activities and events being held all week to promote safety online.   If you have children at school this is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about their safety online, and also for you to get to know what the dangers are and what you can do to protect your children and yourself.  There are some great resources available, and I've put together a collection for you of those I think are the best.  Just click on the name of each to go to that article or site.



Stay Safe Online        
You could spend hours on this site – it has everything!

Lots of tips and links to other articles on Google’s Good To Know site

Lots of tips on using the internet safely, as well as details on current scams and threats

The Australian Government’s cyber safety site.  Great resources – broken up into different age groups.

The Cyber Safety Lady         
Australia’s Cyber Safety Lady, Leonie Smith, is an expert on anything online security related.  Click on the Blog link on her site for lots of tips and information to keep your family safe.


There’s also some great Facebook Pages where you’ll find lots of tips on being safe online:

Stop, Think, Connect                          
The Cyber Safety Lady                      
The Cloud: Dream On (Facebook page of the Australian Government’s Cybersmart site)


Each of these YouTube channels provides a wide range of videos on different safety topics

The Cyber Safety Lady         

Do you have any other sites or resources you'd like to add to this list?

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