15 February 2013

Nostalgia for games of my youth

I fondly remember Pacman.  A friend and I would happily spend hours seated on either side of a game console at our local bowling club chasing those dots around the screen.  30 or so years ago, Space Invaders was the biggest game around – that was my husband’s favourite.  What was yours?  Do you feel nostalgia for the games of your youth?     

Look what I've found….


Lite version for iPhone, iPod and iPad - Free
Full version for iPad $2.99 (special price until 19 Feb only, normally $5.49)
Android $3.95


Android – Free
Coming soon to iOS
Do you miss your virtual pet from the 90s? 
Don’t forget to feed it!

Air Hockey

Air Hockey Gold for iPhone and iPad - Free
Air Hockey Deluxe for Android - Free

Space Invaders

By Taito – the original makers of Space Invaders
Full version for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch  $5.49 
(if you have an iPad get Space Invaders HD – same price)

There is also a free version (Lite) – Space Invaders Infinity Gene Lite – which is based on the PS3/XBOX360 game.

The full version is a bit expensive on Android at $7.52, but Space Invaders Infinity Gene is available for Android at $4.99

Tic Tac Toe

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch – Free
Android – Free

Connect Four

(I still play the original of this with my eldest son – he always wins!)
Four in a Row Free
For Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Hangman Free

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android

All these apps are available from the iTunes App Store and from Google Play.

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