01 February 2013

Free Stuff Friday: Clutter Rescue app

Would you like access to expert organising advice whenever you need it, right on your phone or tablet?  Today I have a brilliant new app for you.  The Clutter Rescue app is an extension of the service provided by Helen of Clutter Rescue, an expert member of the Australian Association of Professional Organisers. 

This app is my equivalent to a child’s favourite game app – I just love anything to do with organising.  But I've never seen an app that gives you so much…..
  • Ground rules to get you started on organising
  • Organising Challenges to work through at your own pace that tackle specific clutter problems, like your car, handbag, tax, kitchen pantry, etc.
  • Quick organising tips
  • Clutter Rescue TV episodes with practical advice on how to organise specific areas of your home, schedule and children’s chores and routines;
  • Organising Podcasts to keep you motivated
  • Articles and blog posts on all aspects of organising your home.

I've been using this app for a few days, and I just love that I can choose the spot in my home that I want to tackle today and this one app provides all the information I need to get it all sorted; and not just tips for me to read – there’s videos, podcasts, blog posts and challenges.

In this video, Helen introduces and guides you through the app.

The Clutter Rescue app is available for iOS and Android and it’s free.

If you’re an organising junkie you should also take a look at more of Clutter Rescue

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