20 December 2012

Wunderlist 2

I've mentioned a few times on this blog how I just love Wunderlist.  It is my Number 1 organising tool, where all my lists are created and managed, syncing automatically between my computer, Android phone and iPad so I have them with me at all times.

If you have never tried Wunderlist there’s an even better reason to do so now – Wunderlist 2 was released yesterday.  It is still as easy to use as ever, but it has some really cool features that I just love – you can now have sublists, and you can create recurring tasks, add reminders and notes, as well as share your lists with others.  There’s even a new Google Chrome extension that allows you to add the URL of a website you want to visit again as an item on your Wunderlist list of choice.

If you are already using Wunderlist your update should be coming sometime today.  If you aren't using it take a look at this video, and then give it a try.  

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