04 December 2012

Missing in action

I’m back!  Not that I’ve been away anywhere, I’m just back from an enforced break from my blog.  This gives me the opportunity to tell you all about another part of my techie life – my business.  Early last year I decided to do something I had been thinking about for about a year – starting my own business.  I had been working part-time teaching computer classes at a local college, which I loved – and still do; but I wanted to do more. 

I was constantly being asked by friends, parents from my boys’ school, and friends of my parents, for help with their computers.  So, early last year Peninsula Computer Training was born, offering one-on-one and small group computer tuition in peoples’ homes and offices.  I still work in the local college as well, and my business has been slowly building up.  Until about six weeks ago, when I was offered an opportunity to grow my business much faster than I had planned, by running my own group classes.  After a lot of umming and ahhing, I decided to go for it. 

I was already busy enough with my business, but this took it to an entirely different level.  Which is why there have been no blog posts for the last three weeks – I just haven’t had a second to spare!  I’m still getting used to the increased workload and how it’s impacting on my family.  I’m starting to see more structure in my working days and a bit more balance is still needed, but I can now return to being Techie Mum as well.

I’ll be posting at least twice a week, and you’ll find even more Techie tips on the Techie Mum Facebook Page.  If you’ve been following my blog by email, pop over to the Facebook Page and Like it as well – add it to your interest lists or notifications so you don’t miss any useful Techie tips. 

As I promised a few of my readers – the blog post later this week will be on cheap and free software. 

It’s good to be back!

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