18 December 2012

Get back to work!

I saw a comment on Facebook during the week - One of the biggest productivity killers is to sit down at the computer without a plan.

That is so true, if I sit down in front of Pinterest, only for a few minutes of course, somehow an hour can disappear! 

But I've found a solution.  There’s a Google Chrome extension that limits how long you spend on particular sites – Productivity Owl.  After you've been on a site for a set amount of time Productivity Owl kicks you off and closes the tab.  It definitely makes you read faster and find what you want quickly.

You can customise Productivity Owl to suit your own bad habits – how long you spend on sites before the owl closes the tab, which ones to block completely, which sites have no time limit and even schedule free time during the week when you are allowed onto normally blocked or limited sites without any time limits.

You need to really be motivated to be productive and stop procrastinating to use this add-on.  The annoying owl will fly across your page closing your tabs, and if you try to stop the owl closing a page he will screech at you.  However, you do have the ability to save a page to read later.

Are you brave enough to give it a go?  Here’s the link…  go on you can do it….  Productivity Owl

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  1. Hi Margaret! I have finally done my Liebster blog post! Thank you x