13 November 2012

Techie Mum is also on Facebook

Just in case you didn’t know, you can also follow Techie Mum on Facebook.  While I post here two or three times a week, over on Facebook I post whenever there’s something I think you’ll be interested in.  So, pop on over and catch up on some techie news. 


  1. Hi Margaret, I don't seem to be able to like any other Facebook site from my Paisley Summer Facebook page or search for any pages. I'm a bit confused. Any ideas?

    1. Try this... switch to your FB Page by clicking on the arrow next to Home and selecting Use Facebook as Paisley Summer. You will now be using FB as Paisley Summer and not your own profile. You should be able to like Pages now, but remember that you have to be logged in in this way and click on Home to read the news feed of posts from the pages you've liked as Paisley Summer. It is a separate news feed to your personal one. Remember to switch back to your personal profile at the end.

  2. Thanks Margaret. I think the problem might be that it is a stand alone page? It's not a page attached to my personal account page.