07 November 2012

Instagram Web Profiles

On Monday Instagram launched a web-based version of its photo-sharing and filtering app with each user having their own web profile.  It's being gradually rolled out to Instagram users and you can see if your profile is live by typing Instagram.com/username

Once it’s up you’ll notice that it’s similar to your Timeline on Facebook.  You’ll see a rotating collage of Instagram photos taking up the top of the screen (like your Timeline cover photo); you can add a small profile shot and personal details and your followers are shown too.  If you click one of your Instagram photos it will appear in full size alongside any likes or comments.

You’ll be able to share your profile with anyone you want to see your Instagram photos; and the web profile will make it easier to follow other users, and comment and like photos.  

If your photos are set to public, anyone will be able to see your Instagram web profile if they know your user name.  Non Instagram users can also view public profiles.  However, if your photos are set to private, your photos will only be visible to logged-in Instagram users that you have allowed to follow you.

If your web profile isn’t up yet you can still log in and update your profile now so it’s all ready for when your web profile goes live over the next week.

If you don't like the idea of your photos being visible to anyone, this article shows you how to change them to private.

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