11 October 2012

How to make a website - a recommendation for you

Every day I receive a Daily Blog Tips newsletter via email, full of great advice regarding websites and blogging.  I've kept many of those emails and I refer back to them regularly.  Now, Daniel Scocco, the author of Daily Blog Tips, has started a new project.  It's a website devoted to guiding you step-by-step through creating your own website.  It's full of tutorials and brilliant information on everything you need to know about starting your own website, online store or blog.

By following the instructions you can have your own Wordpress site up and running in a matter of hours.  It’s especially for those who have no technical skills and most of the tools the site recommends are free.  Even if you already have a website I guarantee you’ll still find lots of useful tips on this site.  Just as an example, there’s articles on Basic Techniques to Get Backlinks for your website; How to beat writers block; How to promote your website with social media; Four ways to get a logo for your website, and so much more.

If you sign up for site's newsletter you'll also receive a free ebook - 50 Mistakes to avoid when making your website. 

Go and take a look - but watch out – you’ll probably be stuck reading the articles for the next few hours – I was.    www.howtomakeawebsite.net  

You should also take a look at the Daily Blog tips site  www.dailyblogtips.com

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