04 September 2012

How to backup your Facebook data

Last Saturday I posted on Facebook about how to backup your Facebook data.  This generated a few questions and some requests for more information.  So, this week I’m going to show you how to backup your data – both what’s on your computer, and what you store in the cloud.

Firstly, in case you missed it on Saturday, here’s what prompted this week’s posts:

What would you do if something caused Facebook to shut down and your data was lost, or worse - your account was hacked? Did you know you can back up your entire Facebook account by downloading a copy to your computer.  Then you can back it up as you would everything else on your computer (I really hope you are backing up!).

Click on the arrow next to Home, select Account Settings. At the bottom of your Account Settings is a link to Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data. This will contain contacts, photos, notes, wall posts, chat conversations, friend lists, events and comments made on your wall posts.

If you have a Facebook Page for your business or blog it is not included in the Facebook download.  Tomorrow I'll be posting about how to backup your cloud-based data, like Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook Pages.

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