28 July 2012

Send beautiful vintage inspired cards from your iPhone

My mother has kept almost every card she has ever received for birthdays, her wedding, anniversaries, my and my sister’s birth and just about every other event in her life.  Some of these cards are over 80 years old and they are some of the most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen.  Even the telegrams were decorated in those days. You just don’t see cards like them anymore.  Or do you? 

Maybe not in actual card form, but with the Cartolina iPhone app you can send gorgeous vintage inspired greeting cards, directly from your iPhone or iPad.  The Cartolina cards are based on actual vintage cards and products.  Some designs are over 150 years old.
You just choose your template, type in your message and email it, text it or use it to update your Facebook page.  How much more special would it be to receive a beautiful vintage card announcing a baby’s birth than just a regular text message?

The Cartolina iPhone and iPad app is available from iTunes for $1.99, which comes with 18 designs.  There’s also the option to buy a set of nine new designs for 99c.

It’s not available for Android yet, but it has been promised.

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