18 July 2012

Odd Google Searches

Have you ever noticed the suggestions that appear when you search in Google.  You know, you start typing your search criteria, and a list appears as Google tries to determine what you are searching for.  Have you ever wondered where it gets those suggestions from? 

Google bases these suggestions on what you have searched for previously, as well as what other people, all over the world, are searching for.  I’ve just been reading about a recent experiment that showed just what odd things people search for.  In order to show the top five searches worldwide a new computer was used, so that there were no previous searches for Google to try to use to tailor the search results.  

The experiment involved typing the first words of some basic, open-ended questions - Where is? Why is? …and a few other not so basic ones – is it bad? How often?  Is it weird  …. and seeing what Google suggested, which would show what the most common searches are.  Want to see what the results were……

Have a go yourself, just type in a few words and see what appears.  The search results based on your previous searches will appear at the top, but if you wait, the most popular searches should appear below.   

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