14 June 2012

Raising good Cyber Citizens

The government-run Cybersmart education program says that it’s important that families talk about how to be a good cyber citizen.  As it’s Cyber Security Awareness Week this is a great time to have a talk with your kids about what they shouldn’t do online…

·       Don’t post your name, age, address or the school you attend.

·       Don’t post about a night out or a holiday you or your family are taking – thieves will know your house is empty.

·       Don’t post about a party you’re going to, and especially not the address of the party.

·       Even if you don’t share where you are, your photos could reveal it.  Most smartphones automatically ‘geo-tag’ the precise latitude and longitude of where each picture was taken.  Burglars or stalkers can then extract this data and, using Google Earth, get a street view or address.  Even though Facebook and Twitter strip these geo-tags from photos, they remain embedded in images uploaded through third party applications. 

·       Remember:  your own Facebook page is a public space, and some online behaviours are not just unacceptable, but could even be criminal.

·       Don’t post derogatory comments about individuals or groups – they can be considered as inciting hatred.

·       Never post comments encouraging violent activity against people or organisations.

·       Don’t post abusive comments or unwanted images on someone else’s page.  Deliberately causing offence with comments or images is a crime.

·       Think twice about posting negative comments, particularly unsubstantiated ones, about a company’s products or services.  The company may be able to take action against you.

·       Footage of people participating in illegal activities can be used against them in court.

·       Never share private information, images or messages about or from others without their consent.

·       Tell kids if someone blocks them or rejects their friend request on a social media site, harassing them can be considered stalking.

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