27 June 2012

The most fun you can ever have with your photos!

This post has just taken longer to create than any other – ever!  All because of what I’m posting about – my whole family has just spent over an hour laughing at this – and my boys had to have turns at it too. 

What am I talking about?  Just the most fun photo effects site you could ever find…  Photofunia

Most photo editing programs and sites allow you to add filters and effects to your photos.  But if you really want to have some fun with your photos you have to see Photofunia.  Choose your profile photo and have some fun:  turn your photo into an art gallery painting, an Andy Warhol artwork, become a tattoo on someone’s arm, a giant photo of you on the side of a building, inserted into a beautiful antique frame, or your head on a celebrity's body.  It’s great fun and really easy to use.

Just make sure you’ve got a nice clear portrait as Photofunia automatically detects the facial features to add to the background.

Turn your children into a Jedi, Iron Man, Superman, or add them to a Harry Potter wanted poster.  Put their faces on stamps, coins, newspapers, Christmas tree decorations, magazine covers, or the side of a car. 

Once you’ve created pictures you’re happy with you can save them to your computer and do with them whatever you like – email them, print them, use your photo editor to add text to them, once they're saved to your computer they are treated the same as any other photo.  They would be great for childrens’ party invitations, Christmas cards, anything.

There are hundreds of different effects – some animated ones too.  If you’re looking for something to keep your kids happy for an hour, or more, on a rainy day – set up a folder on the computer of profile pics of your family or their friends, and let them go wild with this site.   I guarantee lots of laughs!

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