09 April 2012

USB Hubs

You've got your lovely new laptop computer and you've decided to use a mouse instead of the touchpad - that's one USB port gone. Then you plug your mobile broadband dongle into another USB port - that's two used.  If you're lucky, you still have one left - so you can connect a printer. But what if you only have two, or you want to use a USB flash drive, or connect your camera to download some photos?

What you need is a USB hub. It's like a powerboard for your computer - giving you extra USB ports when you need them. You just plug it into one of your USB ports and then you can use each of the ports on the hub as you would the USB ports on your computer.

You can buy USB hubs at any office supply store, most larger supermarkets and discount department stores. They come in all sizes and shapes, but why go for something ordinary when you can have some fun....

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  1. Hi Margaret
    Northern Beaches Hey. Pleased to meet you.

    You look very tech savvy. I have one of those hubs as you can imagine it gets pretty crowded here in social media land

    Oh and I'm so with you on the smoke coming out of my ears.

    I kept the cleaner for the same reason I hung out for big diamonds in my wedding ring. I knew it was the last one I'd ever get.