30 April 2012

Have some fun with the scammers

Last week I mentioned about the latest version of the PC phone scam. Unfortunately, once you've received one of these calls, you're likely to receive more. Rather than getting frustrated and annoyed, why not have a bit of fun - and maybe just get yourself off their calling list at the same time.....

From George Abel - PC User magazine
On answering the phone, don't swear at the caller or mention scamming. Instead, sound a bit puzzled and suggest that you have been having some sort of trouble and could this (the alleged symptoms being 'it's been taking a long time to boot up') be the problem about which they are calling?  Ask if you should switch on the computer and they can advise on what to do next.

Of course, your computer will be in another room and you ask the caller to be patient while you make your way to it.  While on your way, indulge in some lighthearted banter to keep the conversation friendly.  When you get to it (you're on a walking frame remember), switch on the computer and the sound. This is important as the scammer can then hear the Microsoft start up melody. Yes, it will take a long time to boot up.

This can take as long as you like or are prepared to spend wasting their time. After five minutes or so, ask what to do next.  Whatever you are advised to do, don't! Just keep clicking your mouse or keyboard as if you are working the computer and sound bewildered. Then, make surprised sounds that you have never seen that before and tell the caller you have a pop-up reading: "They are trying to scam you. Tell them to "$@&* off" or words of your own choosing.

You will have the warm satisfaction of cheating the crooks as well as some great fun at the same time.
If my 2 year old son is home, I just say “Here’s someone more qualified to talk to you” and hand it to him. I don’t get why when I clearly get that it’s a scam that they keep calling.

Play along far enough to get the logmein ID code, then from that point whenever they ask you something just respond, “I like cheese.” When they finally hang up, report them to logmein with the ID number.  Last time I did that I got put onto the manager, then put back to the first person who firmly rebuked me for not taking them seriously.  The saddest thing was it ended up being the most fun I had that week, and I’m kinda hoping they’ll call again in this new spate…

Got a whistle next to the phone. I figure I should talk quietly for a little while, make sure they’re “all ears” before using it.
all from www.lifehacker.com.au

Have you ever tried having some fun with scammers?

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