13 April 2012

Free Stuff Friday

Every Friday I will be posting about Free Stuff….  software, apps, gadgets, anything techie that doesn’t cost you a cent.

Do you love Pinterest?  Do you love lists and organising?  You have got to take a look at the updated Springpad.  Released on Wednesday, it is like a combination of Pinterest and an online organiser.  If you think of Pinterest as being mostly for images, think of Springpad as working similarly for everything else.

With Springpad you create notebooks, where you can add anything you want related to that notebook topic.  So, if you are researching a particular topic you can add websites, videos, books, and photos from your phone, to your notebook.  You can also make notes and create checklists within a notebook. So everything you need for a particular task is kept together.

Just like Pinterest’s Pin It button, you add a ‘Spring It’ button to your Favourites Bar for ‘Springing’ items you spot on the web. 

However, there’s some special features of Springpad which put it far above Pinterest.  Say you 'spring' a movie you want to see, Springpad will add a synopsis of the movie, reviews and session times.  If you ‘spring’ a local attraction, Springpad adds a map, opening times and reviews for you. 

You can keep your notebooks private, or you can share them publicly or just among those you choose.  For instance you could share a gift giving notebook with your family members at Christmas; or share the planning of an event with those you are collaborating with.

Similarly to Pinterest, you can follow other public notebooks related to your interests.

Springpad is also available for your iPhone, iPad and Android phone or tablet, so you have access to your notebooks wherever you are.

This video shows you a bit more of Springpad.

One of the notebooks I’ve created is for School Holiday Ideas.  Whenever I find something that I think my boys would like to do I add it to my notebook – movies, shows, events, museums, as well as a checklist of what I want to get done during the holidays (hair cuts!), and suggestions from my boys too.  Having this accessible on my phone means that if we’re out and one plan falls through I have the details of other options with me – opening times, entry fees etc.

How could you use Springpad? 

Get Springpad here

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