27 April 2012

Free Stuff Friday - A life changing app

I like to be very organised, but lately I’ve been so busy with work that the home/family side of my life has been suffering.  So, seeing as I love technology, I’ve been researching all the different tools available that could help me get back on track.  I’ve already posted about Springpad, and there’ll be more tools appearing in coming Free Stuff Friday posts.  Today I have to tell you about the one tool that has made the biggest difference for me so far….

Wunderlist has been around for a while, but to me it was one of those things I’d heard good things about and thought I’d check out when I had time.  Oh why didn’t I do it earlier?

What is Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is an amazing task management tool.   You use Wunderlist to create lists and then you can add items or tasks to each list.  There’s no limit to the number of lists you can have, and within each list you can even attach notes to individual items on the list.  Your tasks can be prioritised, rearranged and deadlines can be added. 

Do you want it?

Wunderlist is available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, WinPhone, and Linux.  Start by visiting the website and clicking on the platform you need.  You’ll then be automatically directed to the correct site from which you can download Wunderlist. 

It’s then your choice if you want to just keep it on your computer or phone or if you want to set up an account with Wunderlist so you are able to share it between devices – you’ll need to download it onto each device individually.  I’ve got it on my computer and my Android phone.  I can add, edit, and check-off tasks on my lists from either and they will be automatically synced with the other.  So when I’m out I can check my lists on my phone and ‘tick’ them off as a task is completed.  Next time I look at Wunderlist on my computer it has already been updated with the changes I’ve made to it on my phone.

How has Wunderlist changed my life?  

Until this week I’ve been using an A5 sized Filofax-style organiser, which I managed to cram into my handbag because it had so much in it that I thought I needed with me at all times to manage my home, family and business.  It only took me about 30 minutes of playing with Wunderlist to realise that the major contents of my organiser were lists – to do lists for today, this week, month, lists of what I wanted to do around the house, shopping lists for when I visited particular shopping centres, lists of what I wanted to get done this year, list, after list, after list!!!!!   And as I crossed a few things off each list (which did occasionally happen) I wouldn’t like the untidy look of my lists with lines all over the place, or a bunch of crossed off items making it harder to see what still had to be done – so I would rewrite my lists.  I was spending part of every week reorganising all my lists – what a waste of time! 

So, what’s changed?  Now that I don’t have to keep lists in my organiser I’ve reduced it down to the personal size - what a bargain buying it at this time of the year too – I already had the folder, the refill cost me $2, instead of $19.  So the first change is less neck aches from the reduction of hand bag weight.  But the best change of all, is no more rewriting of lists – the most I have to do is drag one item to another list or within a list if I want to rearrange them. I can even share a list if I need to – very handy at Christmas when I’m sharing the shopping with my sister – whoever finds an item first can tick it off the list and we’ll both have the latest list at all times.

Give it a go – it’s Free – and if you’re a list maker – you will love it – guaranteed!

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