16 September 2015

Getting to know Windows 10

Have you upgraded to Windows 10?  Depending on which version of Windows you came from, it could be a very big change for you.  

I've put together a list of articles and tips to help you get to know your new operating system.  If you have any questions about Windows 10 let me know in the comments below this post, or on my Facebook Page.

03 April 2015

I am taking a break from writing at Techie Mum.  I will occasionally post on Facebook, but no new posts will appear here on the blog.  So make sure you Like Techie Mum on Facebook so you won't miss any techie news.

I am now concentrating on training, and I am using this site to provide additional resources for my students.

Please feel free to explore my past posts and the wealth of techie information I have gathered here.



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